帝玛仕科技是一家集产品研发生产、行销服务为一体的科技型企业,主要业务为代理销售国内外知名品牌的电子材料,工业材料及其他优质产品,并研发及销售自有品牌产品以满足客户的不同需求。帝玛仕科技致力于为客户带来品质优良,并且对环境友好的产品,涵盖了业界知名的品牌以及为客户量身订制的自有品牌产品,为世界各地的客户提供创新高效的行业解决方案。 帝玛仕科技的目标是成为科技产品和方案的领先提供者。

D-MAX Technology is a technology-based enterprise integrating product development, production and marketing services.The main business is to sell electronic materials, industrial materials and other quality products of well-known brands at home and abroad.We also develop and sell electronic and industrial materials to meet the different needs of our customers.D-MAX Technology is committed to bringing quality and environmentally friendly products to its customers.It covers the top brands in the industry and its own branded products tailored to customers.Provide innovative and efficient industry solutions to customers around the world.

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